[SATLUG] Free Indigo 2 Impact Workstation

Tom Gilbert tom_gilbert at jetaviation.com
Fri Jan 18 13:04:01 CST 2008

No you are the first - one thing you should know

The video output connector is a DB13W3 female and there is a cable
but either end is a DB13W3 male.  

To connect to a normal monitor you would need a DB13W3 FEMALE TO HD 15
MALE Adapter to go on the end of the cable
which you can probably find somewhere - I have seen on E-bay for a
couple of bucks

If you want to know more about the workstation - here is an ebay link
where someone is selling one for around $500,  Mine is still free - but
the link will give you a idea exactly what mine looks like

Shortcut to:

I still have the documentation and software disks - we just have no need
for it anymore 

I would rather let someone use it for free, than discard.


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On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 06:42 -0600, Tom Gilbert wrote:
> HI - I have a old Indigo 2 IMPACT 10000 Silicon Graphics Workstation -

> Free to anyone who wants it and who will come to pick it up.
> It runs on some form of UNIX.  I believe it has 128 MB RAM.   It came
> with a large monitor but since it is compatible with IBMs I am keeping

> that
> If you are interested in the workstation let me know
> Tom Gilbert
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> E-mail: tom_gilbert at jetaviation.com

Has it been spoken for?


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