[SATLUG] RAID 5 setup

Tom Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Jan 19 17:04:46 CST 2008

On Saturday 19 January 2008 09:30:06 Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
> On Jan 19, 2008 7:11 AM, toddwbucy <toddwbucy at grandecom.net> wrote:
> > In the past couple of weeks I have gotten in my new hard drives and have
> > been experimenting with RAID set ups.  I have 4 320 gb hd and 1 200 gb
> > hd.  I would like to set up the 4 320 gb hd as a raid 5 and use the 200
> > gb hd for a hackintosh set up.  My question is this, given the number
> > and size of the drives that I have what would be the most optimal
> > set-up?  Keep in mind that the purpose of this machine is media editing
> > machine.  As such it will also be the master in render farm set up under
> > cinelerra.  I would like to have it set up such that my eventual
> > hackintosh set-up will be able to access my media files.
> >
> > any guidance would be greatly appreciated
> If you are going for performance, use mdadm to create a RAID0 strip
> across all your drives.  With four disks, you are going to have killer
> performance :-)

haha.. and a data killing array too. :)
If each drive has an average lifespan of 5 years (i.e. not the same as MTBF), 
then your four drive RAID-0 array will have an average life span (i.e. 
complete data loss) of around six months (5/2/2/2 = 0.635 )

You should first test and see if drive I/O is even a bottleneck for you.  If 
it is, then I would examine doing a RAID-10 (a RAID-0 stripe of RAID-1 
arrays).  If it's not a problem, then a RAID-5 will probably do just fine for 


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