[SATLUG] XCSSA is having a GPG "Overview Presentation" Mon night (Jan 21st) and a Keysigning Party in Feb.

Tom Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Mon Jan 21 00:02:43 CST 2008

Last minute.. I know.. but I'm a bit preoccupied with a new family 
addition.. :)


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Subject: [XCSSA] XCSSA Meeting, Monday 21st, 7pm, SAC Campus (NTC, room 025)
Date: Sunday 20 January 2008
From: X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio <xcssa at xcssa.org>
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      Xotic Computer Systems of San Antonio
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Hey all!

Well.. Jan 2008 has crept up on us.  We wanted to organize a GPG keysigning 
part like we did back in 2005, but my wife just delivered our first 
bio-child, so I'm a bit indisposed to help organize this for January.

Long story short, Richard Davey is going to prep the group by giving and intro 
session on the types and history of encryption, as well as talk on how we (as 
a group) prepare for and perform a key-signing party.

I have not spoken to Richard this weekend, but if it's like the one that he 
did for us back in 2005, then it will probably cover:

-Brief History of Encryption
-Dual Key Encryption
-Evolution of PGP
-GPG takes over Open Source Encryption
-Risks of dual Key encryption
-Importance of Key Signing / Trust
-Steps to prepare for participating in a keysigning party
-How we hold keysigning parties

Where: SAC NTC (http://xcssa.org/#MAP)
When:  Jan 21st, 7pm(ish)
Room:  025 (in basement)



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