herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Jan 21 19:20:48 CST 2008

herb cee wrote:
> VLC playlist Mon Jan 21 17:33:18 2008 ... I follow the instructs to 
> save the VLC playlist for Streaming Radio favorite URLs and it appears 
> to save but does not. The file of the name I give never gets created. 
> So I wondered if I can maintain a manual text file and load a comma 
> delineated string and yes you can in a roun-a-
> about way. I am sure there is another way and I would love to hear if 
> it is a permanent save. This procedure has to be redone each time VLC 
> is started up.
> I tried pasting the string into the startup URL stream box, you find 
> this in <<Settings <<Preferances <<Playlist <<Default Stream but it 
> fails so I have it set just to the first choice.
> PLAYLIST MANUAL LOAD FOR VLC ...<< open Playlist << Manage menu<< add 
> url << Network tab << click the button for HTTP AND PASTE THE STRING 
> INTO THE DIALOG WINDOW << click ok  .... now the string will appear in 
> the playlist window and will respond to selecting.  

Woops sorry this only works to change to the final URL in the string no 
matter which url is selected from the playlist .... so not too useful 
after all. I did not test it fully before posting this, I apoligize
> Here are my eight fav's:
> http://wm-eon.vitalstreamcdn.com/live_eonwmss_vitalstream_com_mapleton-kpigfm3,http://stream. 
> kpft.org/streamkpft.m3u, http://tpr.org/audio/kstx.m3u, 
> http://mp3.wusf.usf.edu:8002/, 
> http://pubint.ic.llnwd.net/stream/pubint_ksut, 
> http://kexp-mp3-128k.cac.washington.edu:8000/listen.pls, 
> http://www.wfuv.org/audio/mp3.html, 
> http://media.kcrw.com/live/kcrwlive.pls  ....
> herb

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