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Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 22:21:55 CST 2008

I wish people would stop suggesting the impossible to me. I'm not going to go buy a very expensive raid controller when I haven't got the money together yet to pay a ticket. I'm a computer science college student and taking calculus 2. I don't have time to earn the money for things that everyone tells me to buy. What's in striping may fail or corrupt if I understand correctly, but my data could be backed up onto non striping partitions. I have 2 disks, and I'm not getting more any time soon.

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Chris Lemire wrote:
> I'm not sure if I understand this correctly, but I'd like lots of people's opinions
 on this idea. I want performance. I want to go fast. I don't to drive a
school bus.
 I want to drive a turbo Hayabusa. I'm thinking of reinstalling Linux
with a different
layout. I'm thinking it might be better to eliminate raid 0 using mdadm
and get striping
using lvm2. I'll put all of Linux in the lvm2 striping including / /home
and all. Then I
 could have a seperate partition or two dedicated for backups without
any type of raid
 or striping. I could make nightly backups using cron of my home
directory while I'm
 snoozing. I'd like to bring my computer to the install fest to set this
up. Does anyone
 have some thoughts? My other ideas in the past have been bad ones. I'm
hoping this is
 a good plan.

Backups aren't backups unless they're on a different disk. When that
disk fails, the entire disk is dead. All partitions.

Also, if you want a "turbo Hayabusa" then you should go with a hardware
raid solution. Raid0. You'd need multiple disks to make a RAID 0
solution work. Two disks at least.

Lvm2 will actually slow down your I/O throughput. It does however,
provide a great deal more flexibility. Software raid is slower than
hardware raid, because it requires software to make it happen.

That's about the summary of things.

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