[SATLUG] lvm2 and raid again

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 22:47:17 CST 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
> I wish people would stop suggesting the impossible to me. I'm not
> going to go buy a very expensive raid controller when I haven't got
> the money together yet to pay a ticket. I'm a computer science
> college student and taking calculus 2. I don't have time to earn the
> money for things that everyone tells me to buy. What's in striping
> may fail or corrupt if I understand correctly, but my data could be
> backed up onto non striping partitions. I have 2 disks, and I'm not
> getting more any time soon.

In your position, a software raid system is ok, but the only thing you
can really effectively do is mirroring.  Another alternative that is
probably easier is to just backup with cron and rsync.  Just make sure
the backups are on the 2nd drive.

In an industrial environment, if your data isn't worth the $200-$300 for
a SCSI controller and less than $200 per SCSI drive, then your data
isn't worth much and you should probably just back up to floppies.  :)

  -- Bruce

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