[SATLUG] lvm2 and raid again

toddwbucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Tue Jan 22 06:58:46 CST 2008

well while you are dreaming why not throgh that 19,000 dollar card in to
one of these: http://www.apple.com/macpro/ 

now that would be a rendering beast.  Hell why not just make a render
farm full of 8 core mac pro all with 640 gig flash drives...I mean we
are dreaming right.

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 22:18 -0800, Chris Lemire wrote:
> I believe this is the equivalent of a turbo Hayabusa.
> http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/storage/640gb-flash-hard-drive-for-a-paltry-19000-308398.php
> Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org> wrote: On 1/21/08, David Kowis wrote:
> >  Also, if you want a "turbo Hayabusa" then you should go with a hardware
> >  raid solution. Raid0. You'd need multiple disks to make a RAID 0
> >  solution work. Two disks at least.
> For a Turbo Hayabusa, you'd need a lot more disks than that.  You'll 
> need 4Gb FCSW SAN networking with wire-speed switches, large numbers 
> of FC connected 15KRPM SASI disks, and a few terabytes of SSD to act 
> as a high-speed cache.
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