Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Tue Jan 22 14:36:15 CST 2008

herb cee wrote:
> herb cee wrote:
>> VLC playlist Mon Jan 21 17:33:18 2008 ... I follow the instructs to
>> save the VLC playlist for Streaming Radio favorite URLs and it
>> appears to save but does not. The file of the name I give never gets
>> created. So I wondered if I can maintain a manual text file and load
>> a comma delineated string and yes you can in a roun-a-
>> about way. I am sure there is another way and I would love to hear if
>> it is a permanent save. This procedure has to be redone each time VLC
>> is started up.
>> I tried pasting the string into the startup URL stream box, you find
>> this in <<Settings <<Preferances <<Playlist <<Default Stream but it
>> fails so I have it set just to the first choice.
>> PLAYLIST MANUAL LOAD FOR VLC ...<< open Playlist << Manage menu<< add
>> url << Network tab << click the button for HTTP AND PASTE THE STRING
>> INTO THE DIALOG WINDOW << click ok  .... now the string will appear
>> in the playlist window and will respond to selecting.  
> Woops sorry this only works to change to the final URL in the string
> no matter which url is selected from the playlist .... so not too
> useful after all. I did not test it fully before posting this, I
> apoligize
> Herb
>> Here are my eight fav's:
>> http://wm-eon.vitalstreamcdn.com/live_eonwmss_vitalstream_com_mapleton-kpigfm3,http://stream.
>> kpft.org/streamkpft.m3u, http://tpr.org/audio/kstx.m3u,
>> http://mp3.wusf.usf.edu:8002/,
>> http://pubint.ic.llnwd.net/stream/pubint_ksut,
>> http://kexp-mp3-128k.cac.washington.edu:8000/listen.pls,
>> http://www.wfuv.org/audio/mp3.html,
>> http://media.kcrw.com/live/kcrwlive.pls  ....
>> herb
Herb?  Why not just create a .m3u playlist, save it anywhere, and set it
to play via VLC?


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