[SATLUG] Hard drive partitions, mount points, and motherboards

Justin Burdette justin.burdette at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 15:46:57 CST 2008

I'm thinking about adding a second SATA hard drive to my system when I
upgrade next month. I think I remember reading somewhere that different hard
drive partitions can share the same mount point. For example, right now my
/home partition is sda5. If I add the 2nd drive and have the partition sdb5,
can they both have /home as a mount point, and will the file system see them
as one continuous space? It's time to upgrade from my 200GB (30GB for /,
approx. 80 each for /home and /common) to something closer to 1TB.

As for the motherboard part of the subject line...does anyone out there have
a working board for an AMD Athlon XP (socket 462) that takes PC100/133
memory, and willing to part with it for cheap or
free? I'm trying to fix an older computer for my boss and she doesn't
have much of a budget for new hardware...her old board blew a couple
of capacitors.



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