[SATLUG] Looking for another ISP

Zeb Fletcher zeb.fletcher at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 10:47:41 CST 2008

Jeremy - Because of the way networks were designed for asynchronous traffic.
There is a larger demand for download traffic so the networks were designed
for this, causing upload speeds to be priced at a premium or so I have been
told. As for finding an ISP your best bet is to wear out your desk phone and
start calling around. You should be able to qualify for discounts because
your an educational facility that might not be advertised on thier websites.
Try all the major Telcos (SBC,Sprint, Verizon, Grande, Embarq, XO, Level 3,
Alpheus) There are alot of carriers out there that might be able to help.


On 1/23/08, Jeremy Mann <jeremymann at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jan 23, 2008 10:26 AM, Ernest De Leon <edeleonjr at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Remember that off-cloud site to site and on-cloud download bandwidth are
> not
> > that expensive in general.  Once you want to hop on the cloud for upload
> > purposes, that's where charges get high.  Anything above 1 to 1.5Mbit/sec
> > is considered business class because you are essentially heading into
> the
> > ISP upstream speeds.  I doubt any company will offer 2 Mbit/sec upstream
> for
> > less than 4 or 500 dollars, and you will hit the thousands a month by
> the
> > time you reach 10 Mbit/sec.
> Why does going from 1 to 2 up negate the price jumping so much?
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