[SATLUG] Looking for another ISP

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jan 23 18:47:05 CST 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> What is really telling about price is:
> http://www.websiteoptimization.com/bw/0705/
> >From here, we see from a report last May:
>        Average Speed  Price/1 Mbps/month
>        (Mbps)
> Korea     45.6             0.45
> Japan     61.3             0.27
> US         4.8             3.33
> One problem is that the FCC defines "broadband" at 200kbps.  This is
> clearly inadequate.  It needs to be at least 10 times that if not 100
> times.  The cost also needs to come down to be (at least) below
> $1/Mpbs/month.
> The US is a leader in technology--not!
>   -- Bruce

Bruce can you comment on this referenced article's only comment ...
I operate a small, local ISP in the US, and the price shown above for 
our country ($3.33 per Mpbs per month) is misleadingly low. The 
wholesale cost of Internet backbone bandwidth in our area of the US is 
$50 to $100 per Mbps per month -- sometimes more. And ISPs need to stay 
solvent, so obviously the bandwidth can't cost less than a tenth of that 
at retail. In the US, the quoted speed is usually often the speed of the 
modem -- not the device's actual maximum throughput, which is typically 
10-15% less. And it is certainly NOT the amount of backbone bandwidth 
that the provider will actually let you use. (If you use the full 
capacity of an 8 Mbps cable modem 24 hours a day, the provider will cut 
you off in a hurry because it is losing large amounts of money on you.) 
Our ISP is different. We quote to users the actual amount of bandwidth 
that users can get all the time, and so the figure for us is much higher 
-- about $100 per Mbps per month (in line with our wholesale costs). But 
believe it or not, we sometimes suffer for this honesty. Prospective 
customers too often go for the false and misleading inflated claim than 
for ours, which can be empirically verified. Different countries have 
different constraints on deceptive advertising and marketing practices, 
so it is possible that this entire chart may be skewed. The compilers of 
this chart should investigate the true speeds of these services -- not 
just the advertised speeds -- and also determine whether that amount of 
bandwidth can really be used 24x7 without the provider "firing the 
customer" or throttling the connection.

Also I have what is classed as Broadband PPPoE 0/35 and my ave DL is 
like 120bps I seldom upload using the machine for mail, music streaming 
and web surfing for online use.

Since my installation was only connecting the 2nd pair of the cable 
already installed and requiring a different external modem, isn't that 
really just changing the same connect to use digital rather than analog 
modem and using full duplex?

Thanks herb

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