[SATLUG] Fwd: OLPC Crisis: Customer Data Lost

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Jan 24 22:37:16 CST 2008

On 1/24/08, John Chalinder wrote:

>  Has anyone heard of the job being farmed out to another company? If so,
>  this may be the reason for the delay; waiting for another company to tool
>  up for the production. So far, I've not heard of any new deal; at least,
>  not on the OLPC site...

I don't think it was ever up to Intel as to who would make the 
computers -- they were based on an AMD chip design, and my 
understanding is that the contract manufacturer is someone like 
Quanta or Honhai, both of which also make laptops for companies like 
HP, Dell, Apple, etc....

My understanding is that the only reason Intel ever joined the board 
of OLPC was so that they could derail the entire project, or at least 
force them to use Intel chips instead.  Since Negroponte was not 
willing to kowtow to the ... Intel Overlords, they finally decided to 
leave and cause as much further pain to the OLPC project as they 

I wouldn't be too surprised if they at least indirectly funded the 
effort to actively find and kill all the donation records, as just 
another way to twist the knife in the wound.

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