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Fri Jan 25 06:32:39 CST 2008

Since UTHSC is a large institution by itself, don't they already have some
kind of setup to deal with this kind of need. OOH, with telecommuting
becoming more common, this kind of need for fast uploading capacity may have
been addressed in other parts of the country. May be posting this question
on a nationally distributed e-mail forum may bring more info.


On 1/23/08, Jeremy Mann <jeremymann at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good morning all. I'd like to get input from the community about the
> various ISPs in town. Here at the HSC, we have a contract with Time
> Warner to provide business class speeds at a low price per month. The
> speed is roughly 10 down, 1 up. While this is good, the up speed
> really caps what we can do from home. We do a lot of Access Grid
> conferences, VNC and application development from home to campus and
> we really need more up speeds.
> While surfing the TWC page, I found they are now offering a business
> rate of 15 down, 2 up. I called our contact here for TWC and they said
> this was available for $499.95 month! Possibly they could add it to
> our existing contract which would drop the price to around $400 a
> month. This is 11 times more a month than what we pay now and a
> totally unacceptable price.
> What I'd like to know is are there any other companies in town that
> offer similar speeds for a reasonable cost?
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