[SATLUG] howto set up sftp :: help

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Fri Jan 25 23:05:59 CST 2008

Wayne Walker wrote:
> The confusion here is that there are TWO different SFTP protocols.  One
> is an ftp like client module for ssh.  It is essentially scp.
> The other is Secure FTP which is a standard FTP protocol with a
> non-standard, secure authentication mechanism.
> They are both called sftp :-(

I believe the common name for FTP with SSL is FTPS, not SFTP as that
name is used for the SSH variety. FTPS is more than just a secure
authentication mechanism. It is end to end SSL like HTTPS.

>From the vsftpd.conf manpage:

    If enabled, and vsftpd was compiled against OpenSSL, vsftpd will
support secure connections via SSL. This applies to the control
connection (including login) and also data connections. You'll need a
client with SSL support too. NOTE!! Beware enabling this option. Only
enable it if you need it. vsftpd can make no guarantees about the
security of the OpenSSL libraries. By enabling this option, you are
declaring that you trust the security of your installed OpenSSL library.



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