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Sun Jan 27 20:00:09 CST 2008

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>From: Kristian Erik Hermansen
>Verbatim 24x CD-RW worked flawlessly.
Thanks Kristian, will give Verbatim a try.
My nemesis was Memorex Ultra High Speed 24X
however, it had worked flawlessly before so
I tended to overlook it, until it had to be 
either the media or the cd burner.  

Memorex must have changed the material
composition of the media, and now 24X has
disappeared from etail/retail.  Memorex 12x
is still around, but after today, no thanks.

Sam I thought I died and went to heaven when
I migrated from 4x to 24x. I'm impatient and
it's madding waiting for an iso to complete 
or erase.  I fill-in the time walking my dogs 
or having lunch, or anything but waiting for
4x to complete.


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