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Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 01:02:38 CST 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
> The port is 25 pin. I'm not familiar with older computer
 >technology, so I said that. Are those Serial-to-USB
 > adapters compatible with Linux and inexpensive? Can
> they be bought from Walmart or Radio Shack, or
> should I go somewhere else?

A standard USR external modem cable has a 25 pin male "D" connector that 
goes to the modem and a 9 pin female "D" connector that fits into a 
standard serial port.  I probably have an extra if you need it, maybe we 
can do some swapping.  At any rate, the best place to find one would be 
at about any small computer shop that's been around for a while (a used 
one, which shouldn't cost you much; new ones can be had on the web for 
about $3 but the shipping would increase the cost by at least 4X and 
more probably 5X).  You'd still need a serial-to-USB adaptor.
I found a gadget listed on eBay, described as a
"USB 2.0 to RS232 Serial DB9 9 Pin Cable+DB25 Adapter D8"
that looked like it might do your job (getting from the DB25 to USB) but 
the link was a block long and the auction will have expired by the time 
I send this.  At any rate, it went for less than $10 and an eBay search 
on the string...
"serial to USB adaptor"
...turned up several other possibilities that would be far more 
affordable than, for example, these:
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