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I have been using RICOH media with mixed success. The first CDRs I
ever bought from them (gold media) back in the 90ties still read fine
on all of my readers, and were burnt at 2x (!). Some DVDRs from RICOH
I burnt just last year started to fail more and more and finally became
unreadable. The room in which they are stored gets hot during the summer
and that may have done them in. However, the old RICOH's gold media
survived just fine many hot SA summers in the same room.

So while I have not produced any coasters with any of them, the longevity
of the data stored on them is a different question. I don't mind burning
at 2x if this insures the longevity of the data, but I also would like
to know what CD/DVD media and write speed would have the longest survival
chances for archiving purposes.


> On Jan 27, 2008 9:44 PM, John Choate <jdchoate at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I agree with the positive opinions regarding Verbatim media.
> > Also, I have never had good luck with ANY Memorex CD or DVD media. I have had
> > more coasters with Memorex than with any other brand while having next to
> > none with Verbatim.
> > I have had bad luck with Maxell and Fuji as well. Sony fared better than
> > others, but still far more coasters than Verbatim.
> > The drives I have used were mostly from LiteOn, Sanyo and Samsung.
> Interesting, those are the brands that work best for me ;) I usually
> stick to Fuji or Memorex for DVD data. I haven't bought CDs in years
> so I can't comment about that. The only experience with high speed
> CDRWs is that they will not work in older drives. I have a burner in
> my Mac and there is one media, a 10x CDRW disc, that cdrecord reports
> that my drive is not compatible and refuses to burn to it.\
> I tend to buy bulk media from www.shop4tech.com. The Azul brand is
> pretty good, but even then, I get 2-5 coasters per 100 spool.
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