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Mon Jan 28 15:12:59 CST 2008

I've updated the flash twice since I got this machine. It doesn't seem to make 
any difference.

The unit is an HP Lightscribe (HP dvd640) external drive. And, it is way past 
warrantee. Also, the last time I had problems with it I slammed the drawer 
shut a bit too hard... so it's academic at this point. It would cost more to 
fix than to repair. I'll wait until the technology is more mature before 
getting into it again. Meanwhile, I'm looking into some massive flash drives 
that don't require media to record.

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 11:15:31 -0600
  "Jeremy Mann" <jeremymann at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jan 28, 2008 11:08 AM, John Chalinder <argiod at bresnan.net> wrote:
>> I have trouble with CDWR and DVDRW both the - and the + formats. I have a
>> stack of disks gathering dust on my shelf. Most of the time the drive will 
>> even 'see' the disk, and repeatedly ask me to 'insert disk'. Some disks that 
>> know have data on them will read as blank and ready to burn.
>> In addition; I have an HP Lightscribe, and it won't even acknowledge disks
>> made specifically for it. It will burn a label just fine. But, what good to
>> label a disk that won't take data?
>> I'm waiting to see if anything will be done in the industry to improve the
>> functioning of these drives before I waste another penny on it. So far, all
>> the disks I've bought are nothing but expensive paperweights.
> John, what drive is this? I've had 2 DVD burners in my life, a Pioneer
> 1300 and now a NEC 1400A (I think its a Lite-On model). Both of these
> drives you can download newer firmware and reflash to unlock extra
> features and fix some bugs. If you're having this much trouble with
> your media, I would advise to reflash your burner.
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