[SATLUG] Package Management

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Jan 28 19:04:41 CST 2008

Don Crowder wrote:
> herb cee wrote:
>> CLI package mgrMon Jan 28 14:50:28 2008 Hey guys I just did this and 
>> then got all paranoid over it. I just want to install the 
>> GoogleEarthLinux.bin into the Gnome packages and since the instructs 
>> are CLI based I needed to make sure that gdebi was installed~
> If it's in the repository, Synaptic should be able to see it.  If you 
> know the name of the package, you should be able to look for it with 
> Synaptic (though you might have to use the Search function to find it).
> I turned on Synaptic, clicked on Reload, clicked on Search, typed in 
> "gdebi" and up it came, marked as installed.  you could have done the 
> same.
> I'm ok with the fact that some guys use the CLI for everything but 
> that doesn't mean I have to.  I only use it as a last resort.  I'm a 
> GUI sort of geek cuz that's what works for me.  :)

Yeah Don I completely agree with you but the package I want to install 
is Google Earth and was DLed from google it's name is 
GoogleEarthLinux.bin and the only instructs I found on install help 
search was this:

Install was a breeze, just download the GoogleEarthLinux.bin, chmod +x 
it to make it executable and run it. By default it installs to 
~/google-earth/ but you have the option to change this during the install.

On my Debian Etch system (2 ghz Pentium 4, 2 gigs RDRAM, 64meg GeForce3 
(w/ 3d acceleration), 384/1.5 DSL) it runs flawlessly. Kudos to Google 
for finally making a Google Earth that I can use.

I had already looked to see if GoogleEarthLinux was in Synaptic's list 
but had closed the window so since i thought I needed to have "gdebi" 
installed to convert the .bin to GoogleEarthLinux.bin.tar.gz and I 
remembered I had already been given the advice that it hurt nothing just 
to use the "sudo apt-get install gdebi" command and it would make sure 
that the latest version was installed but then I just automatically 
allowed it to remove those extra files and that was when I said ohhh 
crap should I have done that or not, so I decided to ask to be safe. 
before i got past the PONR.

Thanks for your pointing out that Synaptic does indeed keep the list up 
to date and i would have used it as I have been successful in installing 
every package before with it, this is the first one I have attempted to 
install from the CLI.

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