[SATLUG] Managed System Monitoring

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Tue Jan 29 08:27:11 CST 2008

Quoting "Daniel J. Givens" <daniel at rugmonster.org>:

> Please pardon the cross posting...
> I've got a client that is interested in finding a company offering
> system monitoring services for their handful of Linux and Windows
> servers and router. I was wondering if anyone knew of a company offering
> 24x7 remote monitoring.

24x7 remote monitoring can be very expensive. What i'd do is try to  
mitigate risk and determine what things really need to be monitored  
24x7 and see if it could be done by on-call people.

Nagios can interface with a cell phone infrastructure to enable  
calling people, or paging them. Nagios would be a good, inexpensive  
solution to set up.

> I mentioned OSSEC HIDS to them for an in-house log aggregation and
> analysis system. The problem is that I can't be available 24x7 nor do
> they have the staff to react to any alerts that come in.
> They are also interested in finding an online remote backup provider.
> Their nightly backups aren't very large, so something fairly simple, but
> reliable would be adequate. I'm envisioning a host that would allow
> ssh-based or ssh-tunneled transfers, but whatever works.

Amazon provides a service online called S3. If a sysadmin were to gpg  
encrypt their backups (of course protecting the key adequately, on a  
cd in a safe deposit box or something) it's really cheap to use as a  
backup solution. about $5 a month for 35GB worth of data. Something to  
look into anyway.

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