[SATLUG] Modifing a 'plug in'

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jan 30 18:49:06 CST 2008

I am stuck on this .... System is Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10

I use gedit for my 'Notes' text editor and my daily work is done there. 
I am a terrible speller and want to make a change to the 'spell checker 

I set <<tools/autocheck spelling>> every time I open any file, the 
default is off.
The gedit manual says this:
<<<Spell Checker Plugin
The Spell Checker plugin checks the spelling in the selected text. You 
can configure gedit to check the spelling automatically, or you can 
check the spelling manually, in the specified language. The language 
setting, and the autocheck spelling properties, apply per document. To 
use the Spell checker plugin, perform the following steps:
1. Choose Tools ? Set Language to display the Set language dialog. 
Select the appropriate language from the list. Click OK to close the Set 
language dialog.
2. To check the spelling automatically, choose Tools ? Autocheck 
Spelling. To unset the automatic spell check, choose Tools ? Autocheck 
Spelling again. When automatic spell checking is set, an icon is 
displayed beside the Autocheck Spelling menu item. Automatic spell 
checking is unset by default, each time gedit starts. >>>>>>

The final sentence should be the clue but I don't have a clue how or 
where this happens ... a point to learn

What I want is to leave all the preferences and settings stay put, many 
files I use are updated every day in fact at the moment I maintain 12 
files every few days 4 are daily so some get quite long. Every time I 
reset the spellcheck and then wait for it to recheck the entire document 
when all I want really is the new material added under the 'Day Entry'.

Can someone please guide me in making this change. I have racked my 
brain and googled every thing I can think but no luck, begging you 
please to be verbose since I know so little about this kind of stuff and 
I want to learn in depth as I go.

Thanks gang, herb

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