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Tom Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Thu Jan 31 15:05:29 CST 2008

On Thursday 31 January 2008 10:38:51 scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
> I've dealt with Altex since they were on Sunset, and
> find them a blessing, especially the N.W store for
> those impromptu occasions when I need, or want,
> something right away to complete a project.  The
> current 46 mile round trip is a breeze compared to
> 281N or the early 1980s when I used to drive to
> Richardson and Plano for computer parts.
> Yes their prices are higher, but so is their floor
> space and cost of doing business, and extensive
> inventory. ACS is cheaper, but their floor space and
> personnel is lower and selection limited.
> The one I really miss is Atex for electronic
> components and hardware, built many a test fixture
> and ATE interface with their parts, and saved customers
> a lot of money not having to buy a gross of fasteners
> and standoffs, when only a dozen were needed for the job.

Here here.. I really loved the Altex (aka "A_Tex") over off Gulfdale.. 
Especially that little guru German engineer Rheinert.  He was always there 
for me when I had a circuit design question or needed someone to bounce an 
uber technical question off of.  They are sadly missed.  For the full 
historical story of AlTex on Gulfdale and what became of them, see this XCSSA 
post from 2006 by our local electronics historical guru Matt Grooms:

Now I'm not talking about PC parts here, but if you need electronic 
components, soldering gear, test gear, etc... the only place in town that 
comes remotely close to the old Gulfdale Altex is InterTex Electronics, 
spawned off from the old ATex crew 8-9 years ago:
	(at I10 and Hilderbrand)

Hope that helps..


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