[SATLUG] OT - Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion

Matt matthewalan77 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 16:52:27 CST 2008

Hello All,


I am a CNS student at ITT technical Institute and will be graduating in June
with and Associates.  I am looking for work in the IT industry.  I have been
a lurker on SATLUG for quite some time now and felt the need to reach out to
the San Antonio IT/Linux Community for any possible job leads.  If you have
any ideas or leads for me, respond directly to matthewalan77 at gmail.com and I
will forward my resume to you.  Below is a brief list of the coursework I
have completed or will be completing.


Thanks in advance for the help.. GEEKS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!


Matt Graham




- Operating Systems

- Introduction to Computer Programming

- Microsoft Desktop Operating System

- Intermediate Programming

* Database Development

- Network Standards and Protocols

- Microsoft Network Operating System I

- Microsoft Network Operating System II

- Linux Operating System

* Linux System Administration

* WAN Technology and Application

* Network Technology and Service Integration

^ Network Systems Management

^ Network Development Capstone Project   

- Strategies for the Technical Professional

- Introduction to Personal Computers

^ Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development



*Currently enrolled

^Next Quarter

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