[SATLUG] OFF TOPIC: "Say No to Photo-ID" for Cred Card purchases...

Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Jan 31 17:36:04 CST 2008

John Chalinder wrote:
> I also scratch off the special validation code on the back after 
> memorizing it (and writing it down in a notebook I keep locked up at 
> home). This helps keep anyone from using it online, where a signature 
> isn't required. Bottom line is this: rights notwithstanding, I like it 
> when someone takes the time to double check to make sure it's really 
> me using my credit card. It beats paying for somebody else's 
> extravagant lifestyle; especially the low life scumbag thieves who 
> would do such a thing.

Get this... the 3-digit security code on the back of my card had faded. 
Didn't bother me, because I have it committed to memory.  I was paying 
my cell bill (where you gotta show your id first, before they'll help 
you) then went to pay, and the gal behind the counter needed my 3-digit 
number.  Long story short, I'm very soon talking to the manager, and he 
said, that in order for my card to be processed on their secure website, 
the card had to have the last 3 entered, and showed me the screen.  I 
went for it.  THEN, the little precocious, ignorant !@#$% proceeds to 
write my 3-digit code on the back of my card, because "oh, look - it 
wore off".

I coulda strangled her.

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