[SATLUG] flash question

scs at worldlinkisp.com scs at worldlinkisp.com
Wed Jul 2 11:39:30 CDT 2008

>I have DSL but the lowest speed Qwest offers. Its very annoying when 
>downloading a flash off the net. The buffering will let it run for only 
>about 10 seconds at a time before it again buffers. Is there any way to 
>tell flash to download the whole thing */before/* it starts to play ?
I would approach the issue with your ISP.  Although not scientific, do
some speed tests ( speedtest.net ) with one site (Wenachee or Liberty Lake)
and compile your down/up load and latency data (speed test provides this).

Do at least ten tests (preferably more) throughout the day to get a good average. 

Download should be around 2500kbs to 3000kbs (or better), latency should 
be under 100Msec, preferably around 50 Msec.

If your results are less than optimum, then forward your complaint with 
the reference and data to the " IT Manager and CEO" of the ISP, and request
resolution, don't deal with low tier support.

Has this been an ongoing problem, or perhaps recently developed with advent
of summer vacation and swarms of students on-line.

_ . _  Lou

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