[SATLUG] Stuff for sale

Sean I siffland at nerdshack.com
Wed Jul 2 23:06:10 CDT 2008

Hey I have stuff for sale, I am hoping to get rid of it before my
girlfriend gets back tuesday, at elast i will try to ;)

1.  Hp Netserver LPR - Dual 450Mhz Processors, 1GB of PC100 ECC RAM, 2
9GB Cheetah scsi Hard Drives, 10/100 Intel network card, scsi port on
the back for extra storage.  It works great, i am asking $75\OBO

Pics at: http://picasaweb.google.com/ifflands/ComputersForSale

2.  Dual Processor P3 1GHZ computer - It has an ASUS cur-dls
motherboard with 2 Pentium 3 Processors and 1.5GB of PC133 ECC RAM
(This motherboard is picky and will only boot with PC133 ECC Memory),
5 PCI slots, 2 64-bit PCI slots, It is in a generic case with a
350WATT power supply.  The motherboard can handle ide hard drives or
scsi (It has 68 Pin, I think ultra-wide scsi).  I am asking $65\OBO
bucks for it.  There are no hard drives with it, but there is a CD
rom. and onboard Intel netowrk card.

3.  Soekris net-4501 with case and power supply.  Yes a 133MHZ 64MB
RAM soekris board.  This 4501 DOES NOT have a pci slot and only has 1
network interface.  It has a minipci slot and I have a compact flash
card in it with miniBSD on it so it will boot right up for you.  I am
asking $75

Pics at: http://picasaweb.google.com/ifflands/ComputersForSale

4.  Soekris net-4801 with case and power supply.  This one has 128MB
RAM and is a 266MHZ processor.  It has 3 network interfaces and a
minipci slot and it has the hard drive mounting kit for a 2.5inch
drive and a PCI slot.  It has a compact flash card the has monowall on
it but i forget what the setting are.  I am asking $175\OBO

I can meet and drop off the Soekris Machines but the computer have to
be picked up (at least until Tuesday when my girlfriend gets back with
my car, I dont think the LPR will fit on my motorcycle).  I live near
Walzem and New World, yes the ghetto we are moving and i do not want
to lug this stuff with me.

Any Questions just ask.


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