[SATLUG] <sniffle> Time to retire my old faithful IBM tickety-tickety keyboard

Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at camerontech.com
Thu Jul 3 08:00:05 CDT 2008

Well, I have finally reached the point where only of my four desktop
machines has a PS/2 port.  I have been muddling along without a KVM
switch and using only ssh and remote X, but now I need to stand up an
Exchange 2007 server to test something for a customer, and I really need
an actual keyboard and mouse to do the installation.

I've had this keyboard since about 1995, and it was old then.  I *love*
the positive touch and the tickety-tickety sound this thing makes.

So I guess it's time to go to Fry's and find a good USB keyboard.
$DEITY, what a pain in the butt.  All the new keyboards seem to be
loaded down with all sorts of extra Windows keys, and I hate 'em.  I
guess I'll just have to adapt, but I'm getting old enough that I don't
like doing that.

Anyone have any recommendations for a USB KVM?  I have four machines on
my desk and dual monitors.  I don't imagine that I can find a KVM for
dual monitors, but what about a KVM for USB machines?  Is there such a


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