[SATLUG] <sniffle> Time to retire my old faithful IBM tickety-tickety keyboard

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Thu Jul 3 10:26:45 CDT 2008

why not just get a USB to PS2 adapter?  They're about $9 now, and you
can connect both a mouse and a keyboard up to a single USB port. If I
was in SA, I'd just give you one, as I have a handful of spares for my
8 port KVM.

If you feel bold, you can go to any big-box store and look for one of these:

That's the device, although I wouldn't recommend buying it online as
the shipping would be more than just going and getting one.

Good luck, and may the clicking be with you!


On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 8:00 AM, Thomas Cameron
<thomas.cameron at camerontech.com> wrote:
> Well, I have finally reached the point where only of my four desktop
> machines has a PS/2 port.  I have been muddling along without a KVM
> switch and using only ssh and remote X, but now I need to stand up an
> Exchange 2007 server to test something for a customer, and I really need
> an actual keyboard and mouse to do the installation.
> I've had this keyboard since about 1995, and it was old then.  I *love*
> the positive touch and the tickety-tickety sound this thing makes.
> So I guess it's time to go to Fry's and find a good USB keyboard.
> $DEITY, what a pain in the butt.  All the new keyboards seem to be
> loaded down with all sorts of extra Windows keys, and I hate 'em.  I
> guess I'll just have to adapt, but I'm getting old enough that I don't
> like doing that.
> Anyone have any recommendations for a USB KVM?  I have four machines on
> my desk and dual monitors.  I don't imagine that I can find a KVM for
> dual monitors, but what about a KVM for USB machines?  Is there such a
> beast?
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> Thanks,
> Thomas
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