herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Thu Jul 3 16:09:36 CDT 2008

I am a recluse and do not talk to many people in person so I beg your 
indulgence in allowing this topic.

I have been mystery ill for over a year and finally it appears that my 
heartbeat has gone bonkers causing my BP pressure to bounce up and down. 
my pulse is varying in any hour from 95 down to 55, pressure from 195/92 
down to 108/68. I can verify the monitor by simply taking my pulse and 
the monitor is correct. I am scheduled to converse with the Doc on the 
15th. I suspect the  med solution will be to use the 'blocker' type chem 
and if that fails to install a pacer. I study and use herbs so I will 
refuse the Cox-II and most of the other brain affecting chems. I have 
been trying several herbs with partial success since doing several 
herbs, halting coffee & beer the bounce is changed on high side with 
167/80 being highest pulse from 84-59. I have only been on this for 
10days so it could further improve.

If any of you have a pacer or have gone tru a similar situation I would 
sure appreciate any descriptions of what i am facing, Respond off list 
if you wish. I have read just about everything Google brought up but no 
description of the actual experience.
Thanks herb

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