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Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 02:17:43 CDT 2008

Hello fellow Mutt and Linux users,

I'm a newbie at Mutt sort of, but I feel I have came a long way. If
the guy who helped me understand the way of using --clearsign option
that goes with gpg in Mutt is reading this, Thank you again.

Being a computer nerd with AS, I like to use the Mutt interface for
checking my mail, and I am just trying to get it configured correctly,
so that I can make the migration over to Mutt easier. I may have to
live with a few limitations of Mutt :( , features that the gmail web
interface provides like telling me how many new mails I have in my
remote folders when I get a list of them. Before I confuse you, I
should say that I my setup is Mutt + gmail + imap + remote folders +
gpg (hope I am not forgetting to mention anything else) , and I see no
need for procmail as I have filters setup in Gmail that take
care of that for me. One feature of procmail I like is being able to
have an email that matches a regular expression such as from a good
friend automatically sent piped to lpr and sent to my printer. Some
may see this as a security issue if anyone were to come around my
printer, but I can setup cups to only print queued print jobs at the
times I know I will be around my printer. Also I see no reason to have
the email that I read with Mutt be saved to my computer because that
can be a waste of disk space and security vulnerability if someone
happened to find them on my computer. I've got plenty of storage in
gmail, and if I ever run low, I'll probably be deleting old emails
from mailing list. Correct me if I'm wrong. I need to learn and get
some insight from experienced users.

I've still got a few issues that is making it difficult to migrate,
and I'm still often tempted to use the gmail interface. It has it's
advantages such as being able to check my contacts list with phone
numbers, etc from any computer w/internet access.

1. I do not always remember the exact email address of someone I want to
send to, so I have been using tab completion in the gmail web
interface. That allows me to do several things. If I remember or guess
the first part of and email, I can get a list of emails shown below
the address bar that match what I have typed and choose the correct
one. When I've been opening up Mutt to send a new email, the to: field
only contains the address if it's a reply, and I tried to use that for
the Mutt mailing list, but ended up getting the email of the person
who sent the email to the group rather than the groups email. What's
the solution to this? Do I need to tediously memorize all email
addresses? Is there some type of address book in Mutt that I can
browse and then point to the one that I want to send an email to. What
works for you experienced Mutt users.Just wondering if it is possible
to import my gmail contact list into Mutt. I can export it from Gmail
into two formats, one of which could possibly work with Mutt, or if I
have to, I'll do it by hand.

2. It appeared that Mutt was automatically
deleting emails after I had read them. This scared me. Then I looked
again and saw that email weren't exactly deleted, but rather they were
archived in gmail which is not organized and can be possibly difficult
to find.. What I really want is for emails to either remain in my
inbox, so that I can continue making filters for them that will
archive them and put them in under the correct label. I'm not sure
that its possible to do the filter configuration from within Mutt, but
its not a huge deal for me to login to the web interface once in a
while and take care of creating new filters as long as my emails aren't
automatically being archived.
I like IMAP because it keeps my email
synchronized with the email in my web interface but does have a few
problems with it that I have not found the solution to yet.

3. Is it possible to add labels, filters and configure that from Mutt? If
not, it may not be a huge problem. Is there anything else I should know or
looks like I'm missing? I'd like to hear from others.

For now, that's all I can think of, and I appreciate any help and insight. I
hope everyone who celebrates July 4 had a fun one.

One other thing, when I send my emails with Mutt, a link to my public
key is in the email message header. I got that configured through
following directions on the Mutt documentation, and even if I don't
know you, I'd still like to have your emails shown as verified in
Mutt, but an easy way to get your public key like I have setup would
be nice. And I may get to know you better and sign your keys with
trust. This is just things I like to do because I am a computer nerd
and proud of it.


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Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at gmail.com>
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Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at gmail.com>
Fedora 64 bit Linux Raid Level 1

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