[SATLUG] Meeting Thursday Night

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 23:47:29 CDT 2008

Benjamin Temple wrote:
> Hello Fellow SATLUG'ers.
> I am going to bring my laptop to the meeting, and I was wondering if someone
> could help me with Wi-Fi problems I am having with Ubuntu 8.04.1 "Hardy
> Heron." My computer is an Acer 3690-2970 with a Broadcom BCM94318 Wi-Fi
> chipset. I tried NDISWrapper with my Winblows drivers using the command line
> and idiot-proof GUI to no avail.
> Regards,
> Benjamin T. Temple
1. This is one of the reasons I've stayed with 7.10 on my primary 
machine - an Acer 3050 with the same Broadcom wifi set.  I tried it on 
my test machine, and wifi went bye-bye.  Restored that system via 
7.04/7.10 install/upgrade and got it back handily.  8.04 is still way 
too buggy for my taste.

2. If I can make it, I'll also bring my laptop, in case anyone can 
assist me in getting GPG to work with Thunderbird.  I have a good, 
verifiable fingerprint, but can't seem to get the package to work.

3. BTW:  Has anyone discovered how to make certain Linux/wifi laptops 
work in the ACCD environment that otherwise work anywhere but on ACCD 
properties?  That'd be a mighty big help...


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