[SATLUG] World of Warcraft on Linux

John D Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 21:36:27 CDT 2008

On Thursday 10 July 2008 20:05:02 Benjamin Temple wrote:
> Hello all,
> How do I get World of Warcraft running on Linux, specifically Ubuntu
> 8.04.1?
> Regards,
> Benjamin T. Temple

Later on tonight or tomorrow I will double-check my WoW installation disks to 
check about the setup.exe file. Either my WoW or Quakewars disk had to be 
mounted in an unusual manner in order to get to the installer.
If the WoW disk does not show the installation executable, then the disk needs 
to be mounted with the following command:

mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/hdd /mnt/cdrom

/dev/hdd being replaced with the path to your dvd drive, of course.

After that, Wine ran the installation just fine... same with the expansion 
pack disk.

After installation, I use the following command to run it:
cd '/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft';wine 
WoW.exe -opengl

Whenever WoW announces it needs to restart to do updates, I run the following 
(the default desktop link created during installation):
env WINEPREFIX="/home/username/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\World of 

This is the same as typing:
cd '/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft';wine 

The reason for running 'Launcher.exe' is that the update installer runs better 
when using the launcher 'splash screen'. Running the actual game is better 
using the 'WoW.exe', skipping the launcher splash screen.
Using the '-opengl' option is up to you. I found that I prefer it to using 
Wine's D3D. Also, using opengl allows the 'full screen glow' effect to render 
properly while not using opengl makes the glow effect mis-aligned and 
everything looks blurry with it turned on. Personally, I hate the glow effect 
and turn it off anyway in the game video options.

you will probably want to start out with 1024x768 resolution... then test 
higher modes depending on your vid card and monitor combo.
It is best to edit the following before running the game...

~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft/WTF/

look for the following lines...

SET gxColorBits "24"
SET gxDepthBits "24"
SET gxResolution "1024x768"
SET gxRefresh "60"

Good luck

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