[SATLUG] Re: Quake Wars

John Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 16:51:25 CDT 2008

> > Thief and Thief 2 both work well with wine (delete the movies files
> > first)... I'm really looking forward to 'The Dark Mod'
> > http://www.thedarkmod.com/
> Interesting, I'll have to check those out.  Have you tried any RTS
> games like TA Spring?
> --
> Marc

I've tried Glest, but I honestly don't remember if I tried TA Spring (I must 
have, but didn't get into it). WoW takes up almost all of my game playing 
time now.

On another note...
I'm currently transferring as many games to my Asus Eee PC (running Mandriva 
2008.1 on external HD) as I think can run on it. So far Doom and Doom2 are 
there as well as Duke3D and xmame with lots of ROMs. Not sure if the graphics 
chip on it can handle much more than those, though they are 2D games... some 
gl xscreensavers work fine while others bog it down. I seriously doubt it can 
handle rendering WoW, even in 800x480 resolution... but I might try :)
Secret Maryo Chronicles 1.5 seriously bogs it down while just in the main 
menu, so I don't expect much for GL games on it.

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