[SATLUG] In case you haven't seen this:

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 07:52:03 CDT 2008

John Kirby wrote:
>  Yes, you can now purchase Ubuntu at Best Buy for the low, low price of
>  $19.99.
>  For those of us who get called by friends and relatives when their 
>  doesn't work, our life potentially got a whole lot more interesting. 
Or, as
>  my wife pointed out, "if you can't download it, you're not going to be 
>  to install it".
>  On the other hand, I kind of think it's good for Canonical to put the
>  product out there and build name recognition.

I acquired my first Ubuntu disk from Amazon for $5.  I didn't have image 
burning capability at the time.  However, there are sources readily 
available, linked to the DistroWatch site, where a disk can be had for 
$0.99, or the cost of shipping it.  Why should Best Buy's offer seem 


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