[SATLUG] XCSSA is Re-Forming to now officially include "Hardware Hacking" in our scope of interests

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Jul 18 01:48:07 CDT 2008

Hey all..

Just a heads up...

XCSSA is in a transitional stage right now.

Where we've formally been just about alternative OS' in the past... we've 
found that much of our interest (and some of our geeky associates that we 
hang with) are interested in much more X-otic stuff than just Linux, xBSD, 
and operating systems.  XCSSA has always had a bit of a hardware-hack bent in 
our passions... so we are re-forming ourselves to also embrace the hardware 
hacker side of our geek-selves and will be soon revamping the site to include 
a wiki, forums, project pages (for hardware and software hacks), and much 
more to help us better develop this side of the group.  Plus like 50-60 San 
Antonio hardware geeks are in the process of joining forces with the XCSSA 
ranks.. so we're getting bigger too!

All this to say, Monday night is our first formal foray into this new arena... 
and we would love to invite others to come sniff things out, share info with 
us, have some pizza and learn.  

We meet every third Monday night of the month (21st this time, yes this next 
Monday) from 7pm-10pm, in room 025, in the basement computer lab of Nail 
Technical Center... Oh... and here's what the two formal "Hardware Hacker" 
presentations are on:

"Intro to the MIDI Box Platform: The ShoeSID", By: Tim Soderstrom
"Interfacing Character LCDs with the Arduino Microcontroller", By: Tweeks

Much more info and web-links are on the web site:

Our low bw mail list is here:

Hope to see ya there!

President of XCSSA.ORG

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