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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Jul 19 16:07:02 CDT 2008

On 7/19/08, Mario Compean wrote:

>  My grand daughter's laptop now has a
>  cracked screen courtesy of her younger sibling. I'm wondering if
>  anyone on the list knows of a reasonable (cost-wise)  replacement solution.
>  The machine is a circa 2003 Compaq 2140US with a 15" screen.

Regretfully, a broken screen can be very expensive to replace, if you 
send it back to the manufacturer or otherwise get it repaired at a 
place that will be able to preserve your warranty.  They're not 
actually covered under most warranties, however.

Thanks to my wife, I had a cracked screen in my then brand-new 
PowerBook 17", and it wasn't covered under warranty.  But to keep the 
warranty valid, I still had to have it repaired by Apple, and that 
ended up costing about $2000, only slightly less than the whole 
machine had cost a few months earlier.

In your case, this machine is old enough that it may not be under 
warranty any more, so a third-party may be able to repair it at much 
lower expense.  Parts can usually be bought on eBay or through 
certain companies that specialize in these kinds of things, and in 
many cases you can find instructions on how to do the repair yourself 
-- if you've got the necessary talent with hardware.

However, I don't know of any companies or individuals that would 
specialize in the kind of hardware you're talking about, so I'm not 
sure I can give you any specific advice that is useful.

Your other option is to use it in headless mode, connected to an 
external monitor.

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