[SATLUG] Lapptop Screen - [OT] That's one of the reasons I hate Apple

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Jul 19 23:55:18 CDT 2008

On 7/19/08, John Ziriax wrote:

>  All great reasons for an open platform with an open OS. It is either
>  that or pay for their hardware, their software and their maintenance.

There are no open hardware vendors.  They all have warranty programs, 
and they will all void your warranty if you have your laptop screen 
replaced by someone who is not licensed to do so and does not use the 
appropriate warranty replacement parts.  Apple is no better and no 
worse than any other manufacturer in this respect.

You can build machines yourself, at least with desktops and to a 
certain degree with servers, but you can't really build your own 
laptop.  And very few people are in a position to even attempt to 
build or maintain their own desktop or server, so what about the 
other 99.99999% of the people out there?

>  Open is definitely cheaper if you are willing to learn about your
>  stiff. But if your not, the cradle to grave system is the other
>  extreme, but it works for many.

Open source software is nice, and even vital in some cases.  I know 
more than a few businesses that exclusively use only open source 

But there are other cases when it can only take you so far.  If you 
want to go beyond that, you have to make some choices.

I choose to live a life that is as Microsoft-free as possible.  But 
I'm not willing to give up my ability to do those sorts of things, so 
that tends to drive me in a specific direction.

>            But all the systems I use are open and run Linux. I don't
>  really expect any hardware support.

If you're willing to live with those consequences, that's certainly a 
choice that is open to you.  Of course, that means that there may be 
certain things you can't do, but then you did make your choice.

>  Different strokes.

That is a statement that I will agree with.

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