[SATLUG] Lapptop Screen - [OT] That's one of the reasons I hate Apple

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Sun Jul 20 00:19:56 CDT 2008

Oh geez, this has turned into a regular liberal vs conservative battle. Us independent/ libertarian Linux folks will chill here in the middle while you guys duke it out. 

Tisk tisk.

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> On 7/19/08, pixelnate at gmail.com wrote:
> >  And that is why I won't drop the kind of $$$ they
> are asking for one of
> >  their laptops. They are the most expensive machines
> to have fixed, and
> >  Apple cuts you no slack at all. I bet you had the
> bend-me-over-a-barrel
> >  AppleCare warranty too. You cannot just buy the parts
> and install them
> >  yourself either.
> You can buy replacement parts from third parties, and if
> you're 
> willing to violate the warranty (or your machine is already
> out of 
> warranty), then the situation isn't any different from
> any other 
> manufacturer and better than some.
> However, I didn't want to void the warranty, and I
> didn't want to buy 
> a new laptop.  And in that respect, it wasn't any
> different than most 
> any other manufacturer when the laptop in question is under
> warranty, 
> and you don't want to lose that.
> Apple is no better and no worse than any other major
> manufacturer 
> when it comes to these sorts of things.
> >  It just pisses me off every time I hear about
> somebody getting screwed
> >  by Jobs and Co. They are worse now than MS ever was.
> Spoken like a true Microsoft zealot.
> Please, feel free to give your money to Bill & Co, or
> whomever else 
> you want.  But don't waste our time with your bile
> spewing.
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