[SATLUG] New to list and [OT] That's one of the reasons I hate Apple

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Jul 20 14:56:08 CDT 2008

Nancy Hopkins wrote:
> Interesting that I should arrive now in the middle of this discussion with
> my question.
> I need a bit of help. I have recently gotten a used laptop (Sony Vaio) with
> Ubuntu loaded as the operating system from a friend of mine. I am new to
> Linux and not super swuft with computers but I am learning. I got this
> laptop specifically to help me with online research since my ancient Mac
> with OS 9 is now having issues with various on line sites, videos, and such.
> Unfortunately, none of the ports fit my cable hook up to the internet (I
> have Roadrunner). 
> So, I either need some sort of converter that will allow me to hook up the
> cable to the laptop--ideally with some way to have both computers hooked up
> at the same time. Or I need to set this laptop to go wireless which means I
> need a wireless card, etc.
> Where can I go to get this stuff? What do I need to know to make sure I get
> set up correctly? What exactly do I need? I went to a recently opened PC
> Outlet store in my area and they were useless.
> Thanks in advance!
 Hello Nancy
I would suggest your first step should be to type your 'model # + Sony Vaio specification' in google and you will then find what your unit has installed. Perhaps rephrase your question and I am certain you will receive some help.

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