[SATLUG] Re: New to list

Nancy Hopkins celestialbz at Mac.com
Mon Jul 21 14:06:31 CDT 2008

Thank you everyone for your answers to my question. Here are some answers
and responses to your questions.

Charles Mims: my Ubuntu is 8.04 LTS, I do think I do have a built in network
connection (If I understand correctly what you are asking). I have a
"Network Settings" area that shows I have wired connection (assuming I am
interpreting this correctly). I know I do not have WiFi in my home. Is LAN
the plug in connection? I cannot just plug this laptop into my cable
internet connection cord (is that a LAN?) because it does not have ports
that will fit the plug.

Herb Cee: Thanks for the suggestion. I did try that search and so far have
discovered that I will have no problem finding replacement batteries for
this computer, LOL. I am astounded at how many sites are selling laptop

Todd W. Bucy: Thank you for the link to further information. Thanks to both
you and Herb Cee, I have sought my laptop's model number and successfully
found it (yes for some of us, these little things bring great joy). I will
continue my search for my laptop's specifications. That is, if I can wade
through all the battery sites.

FIRESTORM_v1: Yes, my laptop does have USB ports. It sounds like that could
work. I am assuming that I can get an Ethernet adapter with ports that will
support the wide rectangular cable modem plug? Wireless would be cool, but
right now it would just be nice to get on to the internet without much

To the group: Yes, please let me know if the specific routers will work with
Linux, though I can ask my friend who sent me the computer since she has her
Linux machines all on wireless.

Thanks again so much for all the information each of you have shared with
me. I am now a lot "smarter" than I was!
Nancy Hopkins
San Antonio, TX

We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies,
I think the soul of America dies with it. -- Edward R. Murrow

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