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Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Mon Jul 21 11:39:24 CDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 12:06 -0700, Nancy Hopkins wrote: 
> Thank you everyone for your answers to my question. Here are some answers
> and responses to your questions.
> Charles Mims: my Ubuntu is 8.04 LTS, I do think I do have a built in network
> connection (If I understand correctly what you are asking). I have a
> "Network Settings" area that shows I have wired connection (assuming I am
> interpreting this correctly). I know I do not have WiFi in my home. Is LAN
> the plug in connection? I cannot just plug this laptop into my cable
> internet connection cord (is that a LAN?) because it does not have ports
> that will fit the plug.
I am almost certain that your laptop has wireless capabilities keep
looking for those specs, as Linux has some problems with wireless
drivers and often require a little massaging to get them to work
This all though is rather academic if you do not have a wireless router
connected to your ISP's hardware (i.e. cable modem).  you can find them
pretty cheap if you look around.  I personally use a d-link di-524 that
I picked up at Wall-Mart for $35 (http://walmartwatch.com/) a couple of
years ago.
If you want to have both your desktop and laptop online as is you will
need to do one of two things
1. buy and install a network card into your desktop and then set up a
proxy for your laptop.  this is by far the cheapest option (about
$10-$20) but may not be the easest if you dont know what you are
2. your second option is to buy a router preferable a wireless one so
that your laptop will not be tied to the wall.  I am not as experienced
with routers as most on this list but my d-link has never let me down
and provides plenty of bandwidth to broadcast live tv to my laptops from
my mythtv server.  
> Todd W. Bucy: Thank you for the link to further information. Thanks to both
> you and Herb Cee, I have sought my laptop's model number and successfully
> found it (yes for some of us, these little things bring great joy). I will
> continue my search for my laptop's specifications. That is, if I can wade
> through all the battery sites.
I am by no means an expert in linux or computers and am largely self
taught. So I can feel your joy and empowerment of leaning something new.
Keep at it and you will be surprised what you are capable of.


Resistance, like knowledge, has a value all its own

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