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Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchezvela at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 07:48:34 CDT 2008

--- On Mon, 7/21/08, Nancy Hopkins <celestialbz at Mac.com> wrote:

> Thank you everyone for your answers to my question. Here are
> some answers
> and responses to your questions.
> Charles Mims: my Ubuntu is 8.04 LTS, I do think I do have a
> built in network
> connection (If I understand correctly what you are asking).
> I have a
> "Network Settings" area that shows I have wired
> connection (assuming I am
> interpreting this correctly). I know I do not have WiFi in
> my home. Is LAN
> the plug in connection? I cannot just plug this laptop into
> my cable
> internet connection cord (is that a LAN?) because it does
> not have ports
> that will fit the plug.

the network connection looks like a phone jack just a little wider, if your internet provider (ISP) is over cable, they should have provided you with a  box with a similar jack.

quick, question , how do u access the internet to send these emails?

> FIRESTORM_v1: Yes, my laptop does have USB ports. It sounds
> like that could
> work. I am assuming that I can get an Ethernet adapter with
> ports that will
> support the wide rectangular cable modem plug? Wireless
> would be cool, but
> right now it would just be nice to get on to the internet
> without much
> hassle. 
> To the group: Yes, please let me know if the specific
> routers will work with
> Linux, though I can ask my friend who sent me the computer
> since she has her
> Linux machines all on wireless.

Any router with an ethernet jack would work with any box with an ethernet jack regardless of the operating system it is running.

> Thanks again so much for all the information each of you
> have shared with
> me. I am now a lot "smarter" than I was!

Glad to see your persistence.

best regards,


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