[SATLUG] Re: Reiser vs other file systems

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Tue Jul 22 16:34:17 CDT 2008

scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
> I can think of no reason that would cause the drive to exhibit  ' dma errors '  only when using ' xfs ' files, and not do the same (dma errors) with  ' reiser .'   Never heard of a drive being selective as to the arrangement of ' ones and zeros.'
> As Don pointed out, I'd look closely at hardware interconnections.
> An earlier quick check of Open Suse forums did not show any problems using xfs.
> I personally believe a hard reboot is in order.

Good to hear from you again, Lou. 

You know, of course (right?) that the system -must- be shut down in
order to add hardware, correct?  ;-)

Just pulling yer chain...  I got a message from Ed Coates, who says that
there are still I/O issues.  He's correct.  When I get a chance, I'll
down the server, pull one of the 80gig drives off of the main buss, and
put the 160g in it's place and then see if there are issues there.

That external/above-board Promise controller card might also be the
cause of the problems.  While I haven't noticed any dma issues on the
80gig drive that's on that card, the 160gig drive surely hasn't had a
lot of fun, being hung on that card.

Don's suggestion of removing it from the Promise card and putting it on
the main motherboard buss is quite viable and it is an avenue that I
fully intend on pursuing.

73 all

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