[SATLUG] memory errors?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Jul 25 13:05:37 CDT 2008

Dale Crummie wrote:

> When I upgraded my system I used G.Skill DDR800 matched pair, and for a few
> days I nearly pulled my hair out with problems.  What I discovered was that
> some BIOS don't detect the correct voltages and timing.  All I had to do was
> manually set both and its been working great ever since (But thats on an
> ABIT mobo)

Yeah, you've got to check your voltages carefully with some companies.  For 
example, I'm told that gamer-oriented memory from Crucial tends to run at 
1.8 volts instead of the standard 1.5 volts.  It will usually kinda semi 
sorta work at 1.5 volts, but you'll fry things pretty quickly because the 
system has to pump more amperage to compensate for the lower voltage, and 
that doesn't work so well over the long term.

If you manually set your voltage to the correct 1.8 volts (unfortunately, 
most motherboards don't let you do that), then you're fine.

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