[SATLUG] Re: Memory Errors (voltage)

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Jul 25 17:17:46 CDT 2008

Todd W. Bucy wrote:

> I am currently and incrementally increasing the power of my memory and I
> have noticed a pattern...the lower the voltage the sooner I start
> getting errors whilerunning memtest, as a consequence as I raise the
> voltage the errors become fewer.   problem is my voltage is now up to
> 2.517 and I am starting to get nervous.

Did you start below the vendor's recommendations, work through the entire 
range of their recommendations, and now you're above their highest 
recommended level?

If you're still seeing memory problems when you're running entirely within 
the range specified by your vendor, then you've got other problems that need 
to be addressed -- raising or lowering your voltage going to the memory 
probably isn't going to help too much.

>                                           Do I risk burning anything out
> other then my memory doing this?  This is gammer ware and OCZ gaurantees
> stability up to 2.2 but I am now experiementing beyond the manufacture
> warrenty.

I would hope you would run into temporary soft errors well before you hit 
the hardware limit and you release the magic smoke, but in this business 
there are no guarantees.

Not even from the manufacturer -- they only provide warranties for when the 
magic smoke is let out, and then only if you haven't voided the warranty by 
operating the device outside their recommended range.

Once you're outside the recommended range, you're on your own.

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