[SATLUG] Adventures in LVM/RAID....

Storey Clamp storey at clamp.ws
Sat Jul 26 09:18:23 CDT 2008

John Pappas wrote:
> Hey all,
> This post is basicly written to pass on my experiences manipulating and
> doing (potentially stupid) things with my data.  This is a really long post,
> so if you are not interested, I understand.  It is also late and I am not at
> the tip of my writing game.
> Executive abstract: using LVM and mdadm I executed a no-downtime data
> mirgation and raid creation.  I am not trying to brag (look how big my RAID5
> is) or otherwise impress, but rather demonstrate how impressive the Linux
> disk management subsystems have gotten, and some of the data aerobics that
> are possible with both LVM and kernel RAID.  This entire operation was done
> online in runlevel 5 with VMWare, NFS, and FTP services still running.
 Thanks John for the long detailed explanation. I have been using simple 
raid 5 arrays for years, and had no idea that such manipulations were 

This is a great example of  what I joined satlug for.  It is worth it to 
me to sort through the seemingly endless sniping and "Read the man 
pages!" comments to find jewels like this.

Storey Clamp

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