[SATLUG] new nvidia cards (200 series) and Linux integation

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Mon Jul 28 12:47:39 CDT 2008

I just got arround to reading the Overclocked3d.net review of the

As some one who has recently become obssesed with lowering my energy
costs I become extremely interested in the following:

"Special attention has also been made to power efficiency with the GTX
200 GPU's, featuring four different power modes rather than the standard
2D/3D modes found on most other cards. Once again referring to
information from NVIDIA, these modes will be: 2D mode with a power
consumption of 25w, DVD playback mode with a consumption of 35w, 3D
performance mode with a worst-case (TDP) consumption of 236w and support
for NVIDIA's HybridPower mode, which effectively powers down the GPU and
switches to an on-motherboard solution."

has anyone heard about how these new features perform in Linux?  I know
that nvidia writes proprietary drivers for linux so geting these
features integrated directly into the kernel is not possible.  I am more
concered with the cards overall "green" performance.


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