[SATLUG] Re: mobile devices with linux

KC kcoriginal at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 15:06:52 CDT 2008

LOLz... YHBT... ok.. no... that's not true
I meant it all, verbatim... even the this-is-not-meant-as-a-flame-apology... or I wouldn't have bothered... sheesh, grumpy...

Nate thought it was funny... good ole Nate... real fun guy!

It WAS meant as <biting satire> not <flaming tar and feathers>...

Have a good evening, either way, Brad!

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> Geoff wrote:
> > As minuscule as it might seem, there'd at least be
> one less person
> > hating in the world ;-)
> Not really.  KC obviously needs desperately to have someone
> to hate, and 
> he's made his choices there pretty obvious.
> But even if Steve Jobs didn't exist, KC would clearly
> be hating someone, and 
> flaming who knows how many people, all the while claiming
> "I don't mean to 
> flame, but...."
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