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KC kcoriginal at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 15:46:20 CDT 2008

I thank you for the Darwin clue.. never heard of that project...

ok... you're so eloquent in the original troll... I didn't see it coming... you win IHL. 

not really, but "props", just the same.

To keep it alive, though... you don't agree that if he hadn't been so damn expensive and closed source that his empire would have dwarfed Gates as his was built on a product that work far better and more reliably..? 

How could you deny that compliment I have always proffered Apple computer...? And that is where the vehemence comes from... the squandered potential. Windows 95 and the infamous "DONK!" BDS etc etc etc... Why was THAT my only choice?! And, after all those years... all those opportunities Jobs had to say, "Ok, I have forged my way to the top with a superior product... time to ratchet up the competition on this MS guy."

It's kinda sidebar parallel to the way Japan always has the cool phone cause the companies are milking out American consumer market for every penny they can... 

Makes me wonder how the Japanese can force their tech companies to deliver the more advanced products to them... and what we should do here to emulate it to get the tech ball rolling...

sorry, I digress...

and yet another appology for reading these posts backwards and replying ot them backwards... but my commentary framework is consistent and I stand by it. 

I wish just Apple had been more competitive in the 80's and 90's... and even today, I wish they would play ball. Job's is grumpily sitting out the capitalist system... why?! Cause Bill OWNS it?! Jobs LET him! He's got better stuff... why doesn't he let it out to play?! He can even the field just by doing so... well... it's now kinda too late... he caved to Intel and all the RISC procs and other types have faded... the competition for hardware has closed out...

Ever read those Marvel "What If?" comics...?

you're right, the iPhone is great... but as a middle class consumer who tinkers for a living, I won't risk buying Steve's stuff... I have better chances finding a Linux phone from Motorola that Verizon encourages hacking on that will suit my needs and desires than with Apple products... Steve, (AND Bill) spend more money on 'proprietizing' and establishing legal restrictions whilst Linux and the spirit of the same is an eternal snowball of freedom gathering steam. Win Mobile... does it finally work now at version 6...? And, I'd much rather have Linux-mod options than Apple or MS.

Oh, and one more thing... just because Stevie hi-jacked and waxed Linuxesque... is THAT why you back him like this? I hope not...

Ok, good vigorous debate...

and it all started as an "Ode to ______" (fill in the blank) passing comment...

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> KC wrote:
> > I dont mean to flame, really...
> Obviously what you do and what you say are two totally
> different things.
> >                                  but what dreamland
> are you living in
> > where you actually come remotely close to suggesting
> that Apple will
> > ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER... open....
> anything...?
> Have you heard of this thing called Darwin?
> The only thing that Darwin lacks is the Aqua GUI.  You can
> run X on it just 
> fine.
> Apple has been falling behind in moving code out to Darwin
> lately, and I 
> think that's because they need to hire a couple more
> open-source people to 
> help push that part of the project along.  But they've
> already hired Jordan 
> Hubbard (former Release Engineer for FreeBSD), and
> they've sucked up a lot 
> of good talent from elsewhere, so I'm not sure who is
> left to hire.
> > No offense meant to you, really... but it's been
> like almost 30 years
> > since Mr Control Freak began to operate his
> >
> always-has-50-times-more-potential-than-his-closed-minded-control-freakiness-will-allow
> > Apple computer business... one of America's
> all-time greatest lost
> > potentials...
> Yes, he's a control freak, but he does that mostly
> where it counts, and he's 
> built one of the best computer companies in the business on
> the basis of 
> that process.
> I defy you to do any better.
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