[SATLUG] Re: mobile devices with linux

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Tue Jul 29 15:58:18 CDT 2008

pixelnate at gmail.com wrote:

>> For me my next mobile linux device will be an msi wind
>> http://www.msimobile.com/DetailPage.aspx?model=Wind_NB_Linux
> Will anybody really be satisfied with the lack of capability that these
> netbooks represent when compared to the sub-$500 laptops that are now in
> the market? They all seem to me to be too little, too late.

> ~Nate

Well the reason I almost never take my 12" laptop anywhere is that I 
find it too big.  This new wave of small linux laptops are just what I 
need.  The asus eeepc is selling pretty good I hear and the msi wind has 
been back ordered for a month.  Unfortunately people usually wipe the 
linux install and stick windows on it, or ever worse vista.


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